Kasperrado Warmbloods

Kasperrado was established with the fundamental belief that the partnership formed between a rider and their horse can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding.


Affiliated with "Australian Warmbloods (AW)" we intensively researched the equine market, including 3 trips to Germany to discuss how their approach to breeding and training horses serves their riding community from beginner to the elite athlete. We discovered an obvious gap in what was on offer to Australian riders. In Australia it seemed there were two choices: either a rideable horse with limited ability or a super moving performance horse that only a few people could ride. The two areas requiring development were first of all to breed a horse with ability that is trainable and then ensure that the first six to twelve months of the horses training was correct. We have taken on and met the challenge of producing top quality performance horses with a high degree of rideability and trainability. We are immensely proud to have established a facility where we can implement our training program to ensure the correct basic training. 

Viewing by appointment only.